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Thursday, September 04, 2014 - 8:00 AM EDT

Simplifying the Creation of 3D Interactive training: Modest Tree unveils Modest3D™

Halifax, Nova Scotia (FSCwire) - Modest Tree, a Halifax-based 3D interactive software and training solutions company, announced today the launch of its 3D authoring software, Modest3D at the DEFSEC tradeshow in Halifax.  Modest3D enables the rapid creation of 3D interactive scenarios without requiring animation or programming expertise.


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During Modest3D’s development valuable industry input was gathered from over 70 beta users, including original equipment manufacturers, training companies and military groups. Beta users reported up to 85% reduction in development times through utilizing Modest3D. Charles J. Richer, Area Manager of Valcom Consulting Group said, “In addition to building outstanding 3D educational/training assets the ROI in terms of time and money savings is exponential”.


With Modest3D, users of all experience levels can quickly and easily build complex, high-quality 3D interactive scenarios. Through the drag-and-drop development framework users apply behaviours, interactions and animation to 3D models.  Modest3D is highly flexible, enabling user to build immersive 3D scenarios, desktop procedural trainers, and 3D performance support tools. 


“Modest3D streamlines the development of interactive media for e-learning applications. Its visual storyboarding panel utilizes an intuitive process-flow format to organize the interactivity of the 3D objects in the scene. It is simple enough to allow subject matter experts to create the interactions as opposed to having to instruct the 3D developers on how to make them” said John Worth, L-3 D.P. Associates.


Modest Tree’s CEO, Sam Sannandeji said “Our vision for Modest3D was to streamline the process for creating 3D interactive content.  We are pleased that the innovative processes in Modest3D have been recognized and our launch is the next step to changing the landscape of 3D interactive content development.”


About Modest Tree

Modest Tree is a Halifax-based 3D interactive software and training solutions company. Modest Tree’s flagship product, Modest3D, brings the power of 3D visualizations to all by simplifying the development process of creating 3D interactive scenarios. Modest3D empowers users to bring their 3D scenes to life by applying animations, behaviours and interactions to 3D models to rapidly create 3D interactive scenarios. Through Modest3D’s drag-and-drop interface users create complex scenarios without requiring programming or animation expertise.


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